2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe

2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe f

What adorns the new 2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe is a beautiful exterior design. The lines are very carefully crafted and smooth and elegantly merge into one beautiful whole. The overall appearance Jaguar F-Type points to a beautiful luxury sports coupe.

The new 2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe is lightweight and aerodynamic. Much of the chassis and body are made of aluminum. And the whole roof is made of aluminum, but it is possible to be produced of glass panels. Aluminum is used for making window frames. The grille and side air vents are made of chrome. At the rear there are hidden spoilers. Spoilers are automatically lifted at a speed of 70 mph, and descend at a speed lower than 50 mph. Length rear fender embedded LED strips. Door handles are hidden. The wheels are 20 inches in silver. Optional are diamond and dark gray. As for the colors, the previous photos we were able to see the 2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe in red, white and black.

2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe rear end

The interior has been used a lot of quality leather. It includes leather seats. Customer can choose several combinations of color (black and white, black and beige). A lot of the details of the skin are done on the instrument panel and in much of the interior. The selector lever looks like a joystick. The control panel has a large color screen with a multitude of useful functions. Among others, it is important to mention navigation system, Meridian audio system with 10 or 12 speakers, hands-free background… It is important to mention the start / stop system to reduce engine idle. The function of this system is that it automatically turns off the engine when the car is stationary. The system reduces fuel consumption and emission of harmful gases.

There are three variants of engine of 2015 Jaguar F-Type. The basic engine is a 3.0-liter V6 with 340 hp for the F-Type Coupe. The same engine has F-Type S Coupe, but with 380 hp. Both accelerate for about five seconds. For F-Type R Coupe was chosen 5.0-liter supercharged V8 engine with 550 hp. The acceleration is achieved by only four seconds. All have automatic transmission with eight speeds. So far, no published reviews related to fuel efficiency.

2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe interior

The new 2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe will be in competition with models such as the Porsche 911, Audi R8, Nissan GT-R and Porsche Cayman.

Jaguar presented its model for 2015 to the public in late November this year at the LA Auto Show. Sale in North America is scheduled for the spring of 2014. Price for F-Type Coupe will be about $ 65,000. For F-Type S Coupe around 77,000 dollars. While the most expensive to be F-Type R Coupe priced at around 99,000 dollars.

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