2014 Opel Antara

2014 Opel Antara front

The new 2014 Opel Antara comes with distinctive exterior design, new engines, re-tuned chassis and upgraded interior, and also combines sporty off-road character with a high level of convenience and urban chic style in the model in 2014. year. Completely restored offer of engines that includes two diesel engines 1.6l and 2.2 l, and one gasoline  satisfies Euro 5 standards and guarantees improved driving performance with significantly reduced consumption.

2014 Opel Antara rear

New 2014 Opel Antara has everything that makes a car capable of 4-wheel drive. Broadly grip body, a high profile and a fantastic first impression. With the new 2014 Opel Antara, while enjoying the appearance and capabilities  SUV and luxury car comfort. Sit back and enjoy the high quality fabric and gently contoured surfaces. Note the front console with storage areas within reach and armrest, chrome door handles and illuminated makeup.  Seats designed to support you during the harsh ride or provide you with comfort on highways. Rear seats toppling, thus providing additional flexibility for loading and you can easily load supplies for your sport or hobby. There is also additional space for the head, legs and shoulders. Whether you choose a practical version of the standard or superior in its class Cosmo, you will find the quality that will stand the test of time and hard-wearing, combined with excellent ergonomic design and comfort.

Opel ECOTEC ® engines are still putting together technology with precision. Engines new 2014 Opel Antara feature the latest technology, resulting in an impressive performance combined with low power consumption. Advanced engine with new techniques successfully reduce noise in the cabin, which means that you will experience a new level of control, especially with the automatic transmission, which requires no effort at all, and you will enjoy the quiet method of energy production whisper.

2014 Opel Antara interior

Start-stop system allows fuel savings, particularly in urban driving conditions. The engine automatically shuts down when you stop, and put the transmission in neutral position. From the moment the clutch is activated again, you continue driving with your new 2014 Opel Antara.  Of course, the system can be activated and de-aktivated with a button on the instrument panel.

New 2014 Opel Antara has  SAFETEC ® technology, with which you and your family are protected from all sides. The system is based on the interaction of passive and active safety measures of the vehicle, with the main element of an extremely rigid passenger compartment. This combination ensures that if you have the misfortune to have participated in a car accident, mechanical deformation will be minimal and that the largest possible survival space preserve.

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